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Rishikesh is a holy city of Hindus, "Rishikesh" is named after Vishnu that means "Lord of the Senses" it is situated in the foothills of Himalaya in northen part of India, The scared holy river Ganga flows through Rishikesh, it is the place where the river leaves the Shivalik mountains Himalaya & spread into the plains of northen part of India.

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

Jungle Yoga Retreat Rishikesh has best plus point as Its location , Located in dense forest , No urban disturbance , only sound you hear is chirping of birds and calls of wild animals , Jungle Yoga Rishikesh is true place to practice " Dhyana " There are several places where one can practice Dhyan and Yoga , Temple of Lord Shiva which is situated on top of cottages is best place to practice Dhyana , Tree House is best place to practice Yoga.


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Jungle Yoga Rishikesh provides ultimate Yoga Practice Experiance inside dense forest ,17 Kilo meteres away from Rishikesh & 25 Kilo Meteres from Haridwar , Jungle Yoga Rishikesh has Woodden Cottages , Tree Houses , Brick Houses for accommodation of  Yoga  Learners. A Beautiful Shiva Temple is built on top of Jungle Yoga Rishikesh for Dhyan & Pooja ( Worship ) .

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses are provided at Jungle Yoga Rishikesh and Yoga Teacher training is provided by Maa Aatm Chetna , who is certified Yoga Trainer.

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What Is Yoga
Rishikesh sometimes known as the "World Capital" of Yoga there are so many centres that attracts tourists, there is a belief that meditation in Rishikesh brings closer to attain moksha & a dip in Ganga River gives a big relief. Yoga is the known as the physical, mental & spiritual practice or disciplines it was originated in ancient India to attain of permanent peace, there are so many traditions which are found in Hinduism, Buddhism & Jainism. Gurus from India introduced yoga to west after the success of Swami Vivekanand in late 19th & early 20th century Yoga become popular as system of physical exercise across the Western world,this form is often called Hatha Yoga.

Jungle Yoga Retreat is perfect Yoga destination where you can get calmness of wild and can find like minded people , you can have healty food and enjoy wildlife in open Gypsies as Jungle Safari. We offer daily Yoga classes as Yoga Vacation, Jungle Yoga Retreat offers open air Yoga practice area where you can enjoy Yoga Practice while hearing chirpings of birds, At our Yoga retreat you can find out many new friends& mentors.

Package Rates
Rates beginning from $80  USD single occupancy & $140 USD Double occupancy per night.
Package Includes:
Accommodation at Jungle Yoga Retreat near Rishikesh
Meditation class every morning at 8am
Yoga class every morning at 9am and evening at 6pm
Healthy Breakfast , Lunch and dinner buffets daily
Yoga mats and accessories
Open Gypsy Wildlife Safari once during stay
Visit to Holy Town Rishikesh & Haridwar
Yga Sessions Rishikesh Yoga Rishikesh Hatha Yoga Rishikesh Agni Hotra Rishikesh Yogasana Rishikesh Ganga Aarti Rishikesh Rishikesh Yoga
There are so many words containing yog in Sanskrit "Yoga" can take meaning such as connection, contact many people tried to determine the effectiveness of yoga as a complementary care provide to improve a situation for cancer, asthma, & heart disease, the long term yoga improves skeletal & mental health.

Agnihotra Rishikesh
Visit Places In Rishikesh
Rishikesh is in northern state of Uttrakhand in India it is also famous as the gateway to Himalayas the Four Shrine Sacred Journey ideally begins from Rishikesh there are many places to visit .
Triveni Ghat:- A confluence of three holy Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati is most revered sacred bathing spot in Rishikesh situated on the Bank of Ganga River.
Bharat Mandir:- Bharat Mandir is situated in heart of old a town on the bank of Ganga the temple has the idol of Lord Vishnu.
Neelkanth Mahadev Temple:- It is located on the outskirts of Rishikesh approx. 12 Km away it is known as "Nilkanth Mahadeo"it is situated on the top of hill at height around 1673meter. the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Rafting in Rishikesh
Move toward us & join us for an remarkable voyage off the flattened pathway from beginning to end near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand State of India which is also known as " Dev Bhoomi " . Atman Yoga Retreat is located 9 Kms inside of forest where you can see beauti of mountains, Rivers, Forests , Chirping of birds , call of wil etc. Atman Yoga Retreat has wooden cottages for stay purpose with attached toilet & running hot & Cold water, A Beautiful Temple for enchating Mantras and doing worship , a Place to do Yoga Practice and other activities as nature walk , trekking, wildlife safari , white water rafting on Ganges etc. World famous river Ganges is just 10 Kms from Atman Yoga Retreat , Atman Yoga Retreat is located only 2 kms from ancient Vindhya Vasini Temple which is located on topof hill.

Our Yoga training will forget the mountains, forest & magnificent views . Every day will start on with a personalized Yoga class beneficial for us for whole day. The day will conclude with leisurely meditation to contribute to this transformative journey . During your stay at our Yoga Retreat you have opportunity to discover the nearby territory with Nature walk ,trekking, visit the local hill village , enjoy open Gypsy Safari in Rajaji National Park and see Wild Elephants , Tigers & Leopards and other animals like Deer, Jackal, Hyena etc. Accommodation at our Yoga Retreat wnear Rishikesh will be provided in wooden cottages & Tree houses, All cottages & tree houses have attached toilets , running water ( hot & Cold ) , Cottages have comfortable beds, Writing table, Almirah Etc., All Meals are included in stay package. Our Yoga Retreat package includes Accommodation for the complete duration ( as chosen ),Daily Yoga and Meditation guided by Yoga Guru, All vegetarian meals , Discussions & thoughts on Yoga Philosophy. You flight expenses to India & Transport Charges till Rishikesh , Indian Visa , Travel Insurance are not included in package but could be arranged on request on extra charges.

Our Meals :
Our meals are totally vegetarian, largely organic & locally sourced , Our meals include Sprouted granola, highly healthful offerings to fuel & restore you. in addition we will provide teas, fruits, nuts & smoothies for extra nutrition in between meals. Please do inform us of any allergies so we will try our level best to manage your needs.

The Practice
The Yoga will be lead by Yoga Guru with creative & pioneering Yoga sequencing to energies & uplift you as the weekend unfolds. To take care of your energy levels for the colder months of winters our Yoga Guru will offer you Restorative Yoga to encourage deep rest & restoration for adrenal & nervous system health. 

Jungle Yoga Retreat is located in deep forest and has calm and peaceful environment for Yoga practice, Jungle Yoga Retreat is located 21 Kms from Rishikesh and 25 Kms from Haridwar , A beautiful ancient temple of Goddess Vindhya Vasini is located only 1.5 kms from Jungle Yoga Retreat , Vindhyavasini Temple is situated on top of small hill and as per legend it is approx 200 yrs old Temple. Jungle Yoga Retreat provides services like Yoga Vacation, Yoga Holiday , Yoga Travel , Yoga Packages, Yoga Courses , Yoga in Rishikesh

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